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It doesn't matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight.
There is no way I will run away from all of my frights. Long as the voice inside me says "Go," I'll always keep on running. There is no way to stop me from going to the very top.
It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right.


Why I like Bambi 2 better than Bambi 1




This movie deserved alot more credit because not only was it beautiful colorwise, but it focused a lot more on Bambi’s life before he grew up. Like in the 1st Bambi it was kind of weird how they went from the dark depressing “You’re mother is dead…come with me.” to…

I SECOND THIS! To an extent.

I accept the original Bambi as a classic story about growing up/coming of age with so many things done really well and it is a solid film. However, it wasn’t really a film for me. As I got older, I can only watch this so many times before I realize it’s an abridged version of a slice of life show. I appreciate the original Bambi more than I like it. 

As for Bambi II, and for a DisneyToon Studios movie, holy frick that animation is gorgeous. We should also give it props for having more of a point-to-exist unlike almost every other DisneyToon sequel which don’t. 

No, it wasn’t the best film around as it did have a lot of nods to the original and since it’s a “midquel” you knew it had to end a certain way and so any sort of dramatization of something dark isn’t as heavy because of it. So it’s almost like walking into a film you already spoiled for yourself. But I like the premise and I thought for the longest time that Bambi and his father’s relationship could’ve had a bit more than like two lines of exchanged dialogue in the original. 

But I also have Dad issues so maybe I’m a bit biased. I do agree that this film deserves a lot more credit. Everyone freaks out about someone daring to make a midquel to a classic film but for a movie by DisneyToons, I think they did pretty okay and again, I thought the premise gave it enough of a reason to exist. There was a lot of evident level of hard work and care, from the voice actors, to the development between Bambi and his father. 

So no, not a better film that the original Bambi in terms of quality, but I will admit that I think I do find myself enjoying Bambi II more. 

Top 5 Anime Duos


Winnie of Nezumi Con here to bring a new Top 5 to you all:

A lot can be said about characters depending on their relationships with other characters. It becomes more evident when it’s with one person over many others. Today I’m going to look at some of my favorite anime duos! Pairs, teammates,…

Durarara Openings & Endings 2/4 - Ending 1: Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita






Kingdom Hearts - Sora, Roxas & Ven
- Dive Into The Heart 



ok so i don’t know if this has ever happened but i want there to be a scene in a marvel comic where one of the characters hears a loud crash and goes rushing over and they see Deadpool in a pile of bricks and rubble and they just sigh and say
“goddammit Deadpool, this is the FOURTH WALL you’ve broken this week!”

I lol’d


it all began with BIRTH BY SLEEP

can anyone tell that they’re my favorite ot3?