I’m a fan of Joshua…I guess it’s evident based on my current avatar. 

I want to name my future cat Joshua b/c (insert long story why but short version is) me seeing Joshua as a cat-like person. Today I was thinking about if I should call him that or call him by a Chinese name instead (I’m Chinese). So I started “translating” his name into Chinese via pronunciation. I know that we can translate from the Japanese characters too but that’s out of my reach in terms of skills. 

While waiting for my popcorn in the microwave I was saying it over in my head until I realized I was almost saying “Yoshiya.”

From what I understand, there is no “correct” way to translate a name over from another language, especially English. I try to pick the closest word possible to make the same sounds as the name. In this case, the closest I got was this and my Chinese is already getting rusty (went to college and back, where there’s no one to speak Mandarin with). 

"Joshua" in Chinese is pronounced as Yeh-Shu-ya. I can’t write down the tones for it but just by that you can probably tell how close it is to "Yoshiya."

*blew my own mind*

This is relevant b/c for a long-ass time I’ve questioned why his real name is “Yoshiya” but he has us calling him “Joshua.” After sometime I finally learned “Joshua” in Japanese sounds a lot similar to “Yoshiya” compared to English due to the J-sound not existing. 

This also applies to Mandarin-Chinese as I also substituted the J sound with a “Ya”/”Yuh” sound. 


And this is probably a coincidence but I’m mentioning it anyway: The first part of Joshua’s name in Chinese, “Yeh-shu,” sounds similar (not exact) to “Jesus” in Chinese (“Yeh-su”). 

So yeah. Took me all theses years just to catch something like that in my own language but…here’s my contribution to his fan-base! Cool trivia! 



(Source: king-xemnas)


"Tales CD"


(TOV):Yuri Lowell,Flynn Scifo,Raven.

(TOGf):Asbel Lhant,Hubert Oswell,Malik Caesar.


(TOX2):Ludger Will Kresnik,Elle Mel Mata,Lulu,Milla Maxwell,Ivar.


idk I sometimes finish sentences with a “~” bc a period seems too hard/almost angry and a blank is too blank

see you later. (secretly pissed)
see you later~ (floating away trailing glitter and fairy dust)

This is a personal preference thing but I literally am struggling with finding fanart and fanfiction with Rin on top and Makoto on bottom when they have sex. 

Does anyone have a list, recommendation/suggestion of anything that has this? 


I’ve just comes to terms with the fact that I ship them, and it helps that this isn’t my first incest ship (side-eyes BlazBlue). THINGS WOULD SO MUCH EASIER IF I JUST SHIPPED LUDGER/JUDE, BUT I’M TOO DAMN LOYAL TO ALVIN/JUDE, BUT NO, I HAD TO LIKE THE BROS

LOL! My brother plays a lot of fighting games and he’s trying to get me into them so he can have someone to play against so I surprisingly know more than I thought I would ever learn about that ship in BlazBlu. 

I have shipped incest but they…aren’t canonly related (Roxas/Sora). So the Kresnik brothers may be my first. 


I was very surprised at myself when I found myself not shipping Alvin/Jude as much as I sort of expected myself to? (since I ship Milla/Jude more than that)

I still like Alvin/Jude but not as passionate as I feel about other pairs. But then Xillia 2 came out and I found myself shipping Lude and Ludger ridiculously hard ^^;;

I saw it as: “MORE FANART AND FANFICTION FOR ME!” Sort of…I feel like Ludger/Jude is a raft than a ship right now in the west. 


Yeah, I kept focusing on the fact that they’re brothers too, and then I was thinking about Bisley, Claudia (Ludger’s mom), and Cornelia (Julius’ mom) then went  ’….wait a goddamn second’ 

I can’t tell if I should feel guilty for kinda shipping them (blame the bad ending being the first ending I got on accident) knowing they’re half brothers AND cousins. Well it’s fiction, but still first time I’ve liked a brothers+cousins


so I was thinking about the Kresnik bros and…

since Bisley knocked up sisters, doesn’t that make Julius and Ludger brothers AND cousins?

I was totally thinking about that! When I found out about their mothers being sisters I was basically going “so they’re brothers…and something else right?” and somehow I didn’t think of cousins thing right away b/c I kept focusing on the fact they’re brothers. 


on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

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