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The nerd that has nothing better to do except write about things.

And a follow up to the title:
No matter how boring your life is, write down every stupid/funny/silly thing you've done. It's a lot more than you think it is.
-- We Live in a "Slice of Life" Anime --


I really need them to have a talk.


i bet if we put it up at the iwatobi swim club, it'd make dad happy.


white people don’t have a visceral reaction of pain or responsibility for their entire race being seen as subordinate or that anything being said is reflective of any real life inequalities or racial disadvantages when you make white people jokes.. that’s why they say “but if a white person said that” instead of what i just said which is what i feel when i hear racist jokes… like, they literally think feeling bad that your race is seen as less than in real life is the same feeling as saying “why can’t i say that and intentionally be racist??? unfair!” wild.


literally what’s happening in Ferguson


It really warms my heart to see the library looking out for its community in the light of everything happening in Ferguson.

(Source 1, 2.)

EDIT: Be sure to follow Ferguson Library on twitter.







That moment in your childhood when you realize that Diagon Alley is just the word diagonally….


And the Mirror of Erised is just the word desire backwards.

Didn’t even realize. Does that mean Knockturn Alley is nocturnally (dark/night)?

Yes, and Grimmauld Place is a play on grim old place. 


And Dumbledore is just a dumb old door

"Ratchet is a racialized term. So is ghetto. So is thug. So is welfare queen. Someone does not have to EXPLICITLY say the word “black” in order for something to be racist against black people. Speaking in flagrantly racist terms is one of the least sophisticated manifestations of racism today."

--TemperedFury on Philip DeFranco’s, creator of the YouTube channel Philly D, use of racialized language.  (via knowledgeequalsblackpower)


*closes fridge door and hears stuff fall in it*

well… sounds like a problem for the next person